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Application Time: 1-2 second

Humidity Levels:Medium 50%-70%

Temperature Levels: 15-25*C (do not store lower than 10*C)

Shelf Life Once Opened: 4-5 weeks

Shelf Life Unopened 4-5 months

After each use, clean glue tip thoroughly with lint free nozzle wipes immediately before putting the cap back on. (lint free nozzle wipes available for purchase on website)

Keep lid tightly closed

For Professional use only.

Do not use cotton or lint products when using this adhesive as it will cause a chemical reaction and may cause burns.

This product is flammable, keep in a safe place at all times and out of reach of children (recommend to store in a glue container. We have glue containers for sale on website)

If product comes into contact with skin and eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical attention.

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